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Vraag hier je GRATIS EBOOK aan!

Als extra ontvang je eens in paar weken gratis Tips & Updates. Afmelden kan altijd gemakkelijk.

dit veld niet invullen s.v.p.

Dressage Naturally

Dressage Naturally is the core around which our lessons and training are built, and here is why:

    • Dressage Naturally means training dressage based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship, creating both partnership and biomechanical quality.
    • Dressage Naturally helps you and your horse to enjoy more freedom and play in your daily training.
    • Dressage Naturally creates healthy and freely moving horses and keeps lameness and training injuries away.






    • Do you want to learn how to train: what to do, when, why and how?
    • With a good training plan that helps you prevent and solve problems?
    • In a way that makes you and your horse happy, every day?
    • Have enough information to train without an instructor and make good progress?
    • With online support from Karen and other participants in the Dressage Naturally
      Virtual Arena Facebook group?

Then the online course "Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics" is your perfect course!


Special opportunity for Sport & Horsemanship United students

Are you already a student with Liesbeth Jorna? Then ask for the special opportunity to
get lifetime access to all the material immediately and at a special price!
Liesbeth shall give you EXTRA FREE SUPPORT:
*** 12 monthly live online Q&A sessions so you'll never get stuck
*** Your choice of live support: 2 FREE lessons (in Oosterstreek) or 2 videocoachingsessions or
€100 discount on a 5 Day Intensive or €200 discount on the Progressief Trainingsjaar

Just send me a note to find out about the details.

Click here for a sneak peek into the Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena



Karin Leibbrandt en Archimedes: Sweet Spot!


More upcoming opportunities to learn about Dressage Naturally

with DN Coach Liesbeth Jorna:

October 27-29: Dressage Naturally Support Course United Kingdom

March - november 2018: Progressief Trainingsjaar Oosterstreek, NL

4 Week Training: Also for foreign students

5 Day Intensive: Also for foreign students




Meer informatie over Dressage Naturally (in het Nederlands)

Presentatie Dressage Naturally "Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics"


Nieuwsbrieven geschreven tijdens mijn intensieve trainingsperiode bij Karen Rohlf in Florida.
(voor het bekijken van het boekje heeft u het programma 'flash' nodig)